Anchored Printable: Proverbs 28:1

When you think about a lion, what image comes to mind? Does the lion seem meek, mild, or mute? Does the lion seem worried about where food may come from? Does the lion anxiously wonder who his friends are and if they really like him? Absolutely not! Lions fret over very little. They are powerful….

Anchored Printable: Romans 8:28

All month long, our Anchored Voices contributors have been sharing their #oneword365. You too may have chosen a word of the year. A word you’ve chosen intentionally. God’s intention toward us is to work all things together for our good, for He is good. Enjoy this print created by our Creative Director, Sarah Dohman, and…

Anchored Printable: John 8:32

The world looks beautiful as the ground is blanketed by leaves, and trees stubbornly hold to modest decoration, but nothing is as gorgeous as truth that sets free. As you enjoy the beauty of fall, it is our prayer that you also rest in the truth that Jesus lived the perfect life, died, and rose…

Raising Disciples

As a Christian, anytime the word “home” is mentioned, I tend to think long-term, as in our heavenly “home”. But what do we do with the time we’ve been given right now? What should our earthly home look like? As my friends and siblings are beginning their own families, I fondly remember the home I…

Anchored Printable: 1 Peter 2:9

As the summer days begin to cool and our identity series wraps up  Sarah Dohman has created this free printable for you, so that you can have a visual reminder of what your identity truly is when you belong to Christ. Click Here to get your free printable of 1 Peter 2:9

Anchored Printable: Romans 8:38-39

We all need to be reminded of the great love that is ours in Christ Jesus. Sarah Dohman has created this printable to encourage your heart with the mighty strength of that love. May you rest in knowing you are in God’s hands. Click here to download your free Romans 8:38-39 printable!   Sarah Dohman…

Something to Celebrate – Free Printable

Sarah Dohman has created this beautiful printable as a reminder to celebrate what the Lord has done! Grab yours today and place it somewhere that will encourage your heart! Click Here to get your free printable of  Exodus 12:14a

Free Printable: 2 Timothy 1:7

Fear tries to drag us down, but Jesus is the lifter of our heads. When we give our lives to Christ, his Spirit lives within us, and within that Spirit lies no fear. Enjoy this beautiful printable from Sarah Dohman to remind yourself of the power that dwells in you through Christ. Click Here to…

April Printable: Matthew 6:25-27

As we wrap up our Hunger and Thirst series, Sarah Dohman has created this beautiful printable to remind where all provision comes from. Sarah creates these free printables as a thank you to all you wonderful readers. We are grateful for you. Click Here to Get Your Anchored Printable Matthew 6:25-27

Free Printable: March

Flowers are blooming!  Spring is coming! However, for those struggling the sunshine may cause you to long for growth in your own situation. We have a beautiful printable designed by Sarah Dohman to remind you Jesus can bring that new life you desire. Click Here to Get Your Free Printable