Prayers for Healing

Praying for those who need healing:

O Sovereign Lord,
You are great and mighty, excellent, and holy. You ultimately are the Healer of your people. I pray for all who are desperate for your healing touch to come upon their lives. Lord, you are sovereign overall and completely able to heal the brokenhearted, the spiritually broken, and those physically afflicted. (Psalm 147:3) I pray for your grace upon those who today who are at the end of themselves and feel as though they have looked to every other source of healing to no avail. Would your presence be so near and comforting to them this day, that they would be touched by You and live to glorify You.

Praying for ourselves:


I know that healing comes in many forms, depending on the hurt that we are facing. Whether it is relational healing that needs to occur (James 5:16), physical healing, spiritual healing between us and You, would You please be near. I pray we remember that You alone are able to bring deep healing into our lives before we look to the world for its answers. Remind us, as Your Church, Your bride, to lean into Jesus when we are desperate for answers that the world can not provide. May You be glorified as we seek Your will in our lives today and every day. 

We are grateful. You are a good and gracious Father.  We love You.



Britney Bradley loves being a wife to her loving husband, Brian. She is mother to 4 little girls, Ruby, Cora, Lily, and Opal, as well as auntie to 8, and friend to many. She has always dreamed about marriage and motherhood, and is now navigating God’s will each and every day in these realms. She enjoys writing when she gets a chance, and of course, coffee.

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