Anchored Printable: Psalm 25:5

There are so many competing entities in our world throwing out what they call truth. We must ask where we get our truths from? Do friends speak into your life, meaning well but unfortunately misguided at times? Does family build you up but also let you down with their own gathered pieces of truth? Does social media flood your brain with what is “real”, or good, or desirable? Who do you turn to when you feel loose and detached from yourself—from God? If I’m honest, I turn to all those things at times, but quickly find I feel uneasy and unfulfilled.

The only truth that will truly bring rest to my soul and yours is God’s truth: what He says of us, what He thinks of us, and what He’s done for us. Tether your heart to His truths. Get your guidance ultimately from God and His word. His word won’t fail, but will graciously lead you closer to intimate communion with the God of the universe. Friends, let this verse remind you that the ultimate source of truth is always God. He is the one who chose you. He is the one who loves you. Trust in Him.

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Sarah Dohman

Sarah Dohman is a nurse, kayak enthusiast, coffee addict, microbrew lover, globetrotter, adorer of friends and family. She has a weakness for donuts, runs in 5K races, and cannot get enough tea and books. She loves writing more than talking (and she talks a lot), can be seen at Target frequently, and is loving life in her thirties. She believes God has called her to this space to bring joy and encouragement through words to friends and family, near and far. You can find more from Sarah on her blog or on Instagram.

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