Be Bold In Battle

Author: Donna Marie

I just want to scream

Escape this dream

The darkness overwhelms me

I can’t see beyond the misery

I can’t find the door

I collapse to the floor

I can’t escape the pain

I can’t explain

As I cry WHY

WHY Do I want to die

That is a LIE

The attack is not from me

But I have an army

To conquer the enemy

To handle the battle the fight

So let your emotions take flight

Release them to the sky

The darkness inside

Can’t hide

From my light

The battle rages

Throughout the ages

Lord help me, please

I don’t want to die

I won’t fall for that lie

I want to hear

Would you make your voice clear?

I know you can’t see

Just trust in me

Look up now across the sea

Take up you Sword

Just believe

Because you are Loved

From Above

Like the Dove

Just be still

Let my Spirit fill

You with my love my light

The battle is already won

Though we have just begun

Can you hear the wave

Be Brave


Do not fear

I am here

I cut through your pain

Let my love reign

You choose True Love

The Peace is your Release

Take up your sword now

I will show you how

I will shine my light


On your heart

Where it broke apart

Feel the warmth there

Do not fear

My child can’t you see

I love you

The one I created

You will not be degraded

My love will bind

You will no longer be blind

You will find

Your brother

Be Bold 

Let you Story be Told

Then let go and be free

You will live in Victory

You will love one another

As I love you for eternity.

Donna Marie is an author and self-described princess warrior of the King.  She has faced many trials and tribulations in her life.  However, through these battles, she is more than a conqueror in Christ.  Her first book, The Way to The Kingdom of Love & Peace, is being published by Christian Faith Publishers.  Look for her book to launch soon.  Donna Marie lives with her husband, their Springer Spaniel and their Calico cat just North of San Francisco, California.  She enjoys writing, cycling for a cause, hiking, and going to the beach.  She hopes you join her on The Way to the Kingdom.  

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