Anchored Printable: 2 Timothy 1:7

Fear tries to drag us down, but Jesus is the lifter of our heads. When we give our lives to Christ, his Spirit lives within us, and within that Spirit lies no fear. Enjoy this beautiful printable from Sarah Dohman to remind yourself of the power that dwells in you through Christ.


Click Here to Get Your Free Printable of 2 Timothy1:7

Sarah Dohman is a nurse, kayak enthusiast, coffee addict, microbrew lover, globe trotter, adorer of friends and family. She has a weakness for donuts, runs in 5k races, and cannot get enough tea and books. She loves writing more than talking (and she talks a lot), can be seen at Target frequently, and is loving life in her thirties. She believes God has called her to this space to bring joy and encouragement through words to friends and family, near and far. You can find more from Sarah at her blog or on Instagram.

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