Who We Are and Why We are Here

Only Jesus can anchor something as precious as the soul.

Welcome to Anchored Voices, a place for women to use their words and creativity to point each other to the God who anchors the soul. Conceived to foster an online community where we can remind one another that when the waves hit—in Jesus, the soul is safe.

“We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain, where Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf.” Hebrews 6:19-20

Hope. For some, you might be unmoved by the word hope. You think of it as theologically soft,or see it as a foolish ideology. Hope isn’t frilly, passive, or weak, but it is fierce, active, and central to everything Christians believe.

Ladies, do you know that Christianity doesn’t exist simply to make you moral and supernaturally efficient?  What  is truly offered is a relationship with Jesus that exposes your mess, makes you truly beautiful, and ignites a FIRE within you. God created you for something beautiful and specific. Find the hope that doesn’t focus on what you are not, but is willing to dream about what God might make of you if you trust Him.

Hope sings to the numb places within us. It beckons to parts of us we long ago locked away, shut out, and hid from – to awaken.

We have felt hope, built dreams upon it, and experienced it in both great joy, and deep despair. When we interact with the Bible, the word of God, we find hope in its purest form.  We find that HOPE is a person, and that person is Jesus – our High Priest and King.

Sometimes when people are looking for life, they tinker around with the idea of hope and they determine the risk to be too high. The potential consequences seem not like hints of life, but diseased shadows. A lie from the pit of hell that sends the message that hope is deadly.


We have felt the truth of what Proverbs 13:12 says, that “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” Some of us have promised ourselves never to be hurt “like that” again. Yet by forsaking hope, we lose out on witnessing the second half of that verse: “but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.”

If you make a vow to protect yourself from pain, pain may be all that you can see.

The heart feels sick so we turn. We search out lesser lovers for our souls to worship and find ourselves tired…withered…lifeless.  We take our eyes off of Jesus and gaze at unanchored hopes. Tempted to tie ourselves to relationships, careers, children, addictions, or ministry, we float through our days feeling alone, lost, and abandoned. So how do you anchor yourself to the truest hope of Christ? How can you offer others life? What can you do to point others at the anchor that cannot, and will not, be moved by the flightiness of temporal things?

We want to hear from you: to hear the voices of other women; to hear how God helped you through a struggle; breathed life through His Word; and helps you today as you walk through daily life.  Young, old, out in the workforce, at home with kids, single, or married, every age and stage of life is welcome to the table.

What has our Jesus given you to say? Your message may be the help that lightens the load of others who are fighting off chains, weights, and shackles of worry, despair, and sorrow. If you have a blog post, poem, artwork, a picture, etc. which can point us all to the Lord who anchors the soul, please consider sharing it here, so that we may encourage each other’s hearts.

Send your submissions to livingisaiah61@gmail.com We may not be able to post all submissions, but please be brave – and share with us what Christ has done in your life – so that more would be helped by finding hope in Him.

Thank you for visiting us. We are glad you are here.

One Anchored Voice – Chara Donahue
Founder & Editor

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